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DISCLOSURE is my own personal blog. I'm not only the writer, but also the editor for articles and photos/picture that are appear for supporting this blog. Among all of the posts on this blog, starting from hobbies and stories. I also wrote a review of some product or a particular brand and also article from sponsor such as the placement content. There is a possibility for cooperation in other forms as long as related to the writing style of this blog and no polemics trigger.

In relation that this article are collaborate with other parties, the author usually get a feedback that has been negotiated through a private line or via email, based on the agreements and influence to the content / post in this blog. On the other hand, there is a possibility that my review is free or not paid.

In every post in this blog, I'm trying to deliver my opinion or testimony fairly and close enough to my personal experiment.

Keep Inspiring and Stay Classy
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